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Web Design Trends of 2019

Web design trends in 2019 are coming for designer's concern! We listed 10 must-known trends for designers to build websites that people will love.

2019 is here, and it’s the best time for designers to be aware of new web design trends for 2019. That is if you want a website that your audience will appreciate.

The rapid changes in web design trends and web development technologies have a direct impact on what is considered “good and bad” in creating websites. Hence, it is imperative for every designer to keep up with these changes.

Looking back at the top web design trends of 2018, and the web design trends over the years, you will see that many trends are cyclical and continuous, such as the prevailing minimalist and responsive designs. It thus makes sense that their popularity will not decrease in 2019.

And, with the degree of mobile internet penetration, websites focus on interface aesthetics and mobile-first principles.

What other specific factors are important this year. Let’s have a look!

1. Mobile-first

2. Speed

3. Personalized illustration design

4. CSS3 animation

5. Video background

6. Minimalism

7. Responsive design

8. Gradient design

9. Typographic design

10. Design tools

Web Design Trends in 2019 #1: Mobile-First

Google rolled out mobile-first indexing in 2018, which is based on prioritizing content and links from mobile website pages. The initiative will be carried over to 2019, requiring web designers to give priority to the mobile version of websites.

Moreover, SEO is not the only factor that dictates the priority of web design. Statistics show that 50% of global website traffic comes from mobile. As the mobile user base increases, good visual effects and search experience are also factors need to be considered in website design in 2019.

Web design trends 2019 - 1 mobile first

Image Source: Kizen Home by David Kovalev

Web Design Trends in 2019 #2: Speed

THREE seconds. That’s all users spend in deciding whether to leave or stay on a website. Your design has that much time to convince a user to stay.

Research by Akamaii and Gomez.com shows that 50% of users want a website to load in three seconds or less. Furthermore, due to the Speed Update algorithm announced by Google in July 2018, designers need to reduce page load time if they want to improve their search engine rankings. Thus, speed should be a second important website design trend in 2019 for designers' consideration.

Web design trends 2019 - 2 speed

Image Source: ASAP by Hurca™

Web Design Trends in 2019 #3: Personalized Illustration Design

According to statistics, the visual effect of the illustration on the user is 7 times better than that of ordinary photography. The illustration is suitable to apply to the homepage of the website, new user guidance, waiting for the interface, progress page, etc.

In the second half of 2017, companies such as Slack and Dropbox began to use personalized illustrations to convey brand characteristics, making illustration design increasingly popular. This popularity rolled over to 2018, and we expect that illustration design, as a new web design trend, will reach new heights in 2019.

As a form of visual communication for modern websites, personalized illustration design is more interesting than the abstract text. It has a heavier visual impact and more brand features, which help convey a deeper brand concept. With unique illustrations and bold colors, it is easier to leave an excellent impression on the user.

Statistics show that the visual effect of illustrations on the user is seven times better than that of ordinary photography. Illustrations are suitable for the homepage, new user guidance, waiting for the interface, and progress page - practically any website element!

Web design trends 2019 - 3 illustration - crowdrise - signup

Image Source: CrowdRise –Signup by EddieLobanovskiy

Web design trends 2019 - 3 illustration rainbow ridge music festival

Image source: Rainbow Ridge / Music festival by Mike | Creative Mints

Web Design Trends in 2019 #4: CSS3 Animation

The rise of animation in the past two years has been very rapid. In the Forbes web design trends in 2018, it predicated animation is one of the most powerful trends in web design and will get highly popular among designers and users. The use of CSS3 technology makes traditional web design more vivid and easy to use.

Since CSS3 animation is considered relatively new in the UI field, there is more room for its development in the application of web design. It is therefore logical for CSS3 animation to be used and developed more in the coming year.

Wed design trends 2019 - 4 css3 animation

Image Source: Submit button by ClaudioScotto

Web Design Trends in 2019 #5: Dynamic Full-Screen Video Background

One of the best ways to catch the customer’s attention is to create a website with a dynamic video background. Moving objects tend to be more attractive.

Compared to text or still images, short videos are a more convenient way to provide more information, enabling the user to quickly understand the characteristics of the web page or product.

Video helps increase user time on page, which is good for SEO and conversion rates. Facebook’s prioritizing video posts is solid proof of the medium’s effectiveness. Moreover, given that we live in an era of diversified information, the application of dynamic elements such as video backgrounds will gradually increase.

Wed design trends 2019 - 5 video background

Image Source: Mockplus iDoc, faster and simpler product design collaboration tool

Web Design Trends in 2019 #6: Minimalism, Simplicity But Not Simplistic

One of the classic web design trends, minimalism is synonymous with simplicity. Often the first choice for web designers, it embodies the “less is more” principle. The fewer the interface design elements, the better.

With modern life being so fast and dynamic, people have insufficient time to process information, making redundancy a no-no. Good design enables users to digest information in as short a time as possible. This is best achieved by using fewer elements.

Whether it’s the use of white design, contrast, or clear typography, a well-designed website makes navigation easy and provides accurate information - making for a good user experience. Well-designed CTA also makes for higher page conversions.

Web design trend 2019 - 6 minimalist web design

Image Source: Hosting & Domains - Web Design by Angel Villanueva

Web design trend 2019 - 6 minimalistic product page

Image Source: Minimalistic Product Page by Vita Spenser

Web Design Trends in 2019 #7: Responsive Design

The rapid development of reading devices in recent years - mobile devices, tablets, TVs, wearables, and desktops - has made designers aware that responsive design should be one of the mainstream web design trends in 2019.

Since Google started highlighting mobile-responsive websites in 2010, mobile has become the first choice for responsive web design. Now that the number of mobile users has far exceeded that of desktop users, Google has also announced changes to its algorithm to prioritize mobile-first indexing. The goal is to encourage companies to update their responsive web design and enhance the online experience of mobile users.

Web design trends 2019 - 7 furniture store responsive design

Image Source: Furniture Store Responsive Design Flow by Shakuro

Web design trends 2019 - 7 responsive resize kit

Image Source: Responsive Resize Kit by UI8

Web Design Trends in 2019 #8: Bright and Gorgeous Gradient

In the past few years, more and more designers have adopted color gradation in design. In 2018, the fluid gradient was quite popular. Even if only one color is used, it can create a rich layered structure with the help of gradients and different images, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing experience. The use of bright gradients and bold illustrations will be one of the mainstream color combinations in 2019.

Web design trends 2019 - 8 gradients

Image Source: Apple

Web design trends 2019 - 8 gradients illustration

Image Source: Saving Animals Illustration by Zahidul

Wb Design Trends in 2019 #9: Creative Bold Typographic

The layout of the web page is just as important as the content displayed on the interface. Statistics show that more than 95% of the information on a webpage is text. In terms of influence on users, typesetting is second only to web color matching and images.

Adventurous, bold typography impresses the audience. Carefully selected fonts can convey the emotions you need and build a powerful visual hierarchy. In fact, more big names are starting to use their own exclusive fonts to enhance their brand's recognition.