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Here you can find our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and our answers!
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I have a website and its 1+ year old, it's ok so why should I change it?

Your web presence should never be just "Ok". Let us help you make it great and represent you/your business. We want you to be the change and make the changes to your own presence.

Something big happened in April 2015, a big event that changed the internet and search results everywhere. It has been referred to as Mobile-geddon, where Google and other search engines decided to penalize non-responsive (mobile-ready) websites. It changed the page rankings of millions and millions of sites and really opened up the market for small and flexible businesses who are quick to adapt to this change and can improve their websites. This is where we come into place and help you adapt to this change. We are here to help you make this move, so give us a call, send us a message and and let's take advantage of this major change.

What happens after you are done with my website? Are you gone?

While we show you how to use your website and train your to be self sufficient, we want to make sure that we are always here to answer any questions or handle changes for you if you desire that.

We offer maintenance packages at an affordable price and can be hired on-retainer to any changes. Just give us a call, send us a message and we are here to help!

Let's talk $$$! Quote me a price now!

Oh yes, the good old "how much is it going to be" question...

The answer to this important question depends all on your, your ideas and what features you would like to have on your website. Simple educational websites, for example about your business, product or service are going to be less expensive than some of the E-Commerce stores that we have done. We work with you to understand your business and can consult you about what features can work for you and your audience.

What's unique to us and lessens your overall risk is the fact that we like to apply a phased approach when it comes to building your online presence. For example, we can start with a basic website in Phase 1 and continue, after you love our work, with Phase 2, which could for example include a Newsletter, E-Commerce Store, or custom development.

One thing we can tell you though, is that we a far below the national average for the cost of a website. We work with many small businesses that simply cannot afford the $10k or $20k price tag that most of our competitors are offering.

My website is all broken and I can't get a hold of my website person, can you do something?

Sure, let's talk. It all depends on the severity of what is going on. Sometimes it takes less time to create you something from scratch that does everything you need, than trying to figure out what broke the site.

We have encountered plenty situations where setting up a new website made more sense. Again, it all depends on the situation.

Why should we work with you and not another boutique web development firm?

That's an easy question to answer: We are just awesome, and do so much more than simply setting up a web site for you! Besides crafting you a beautiful, responsive and functional website, we include basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work, register you in the major search engines, create Google Places for you/your business and show you how to use your own website. In addition, we research and understand your business to figure out your audience and target market. What we have seen in our industry is that after a while many web design firms push out websites that look the same and follow the same styles. Sure it's easier and probably more cost efficient for them but we believe in uniqueness and crafting something beautiful that you and your users will enjoy and stay engaged with.

What it comes down to is: We want to make your ideas a reality and want you to own your ideas, your website and your content. Forget license fees, expensive continued development and waiting for your web developers to change text or pictures.

Check out our portfolio and check out if you like what you see!

I already have a website but need to build a Social Media following, can you help?

Yes, definitely! Not only do we keep your clients engaged and post relevant content, but we also help you retain your users. This builds your reputation and extends your reach to your audience and target market.

While we show you how to handle your own web presence, most of our clients task us with writing their content, execute Social Media Campaigns, write Newsletters and do their blogging. It's fun for us, we incorporate Search Engine Optimization and we are good at it, check out our ever growing portfolio.

We have done large/small social media campaigns for individuals and businesses, with ads and/or grow your following organically.

Why shouldn't I just use free web-services? Free is good, right!?

Sure, if you have already found something that you like and that works for you then that's awesome. We know there are free services out there that will help you create a basic web site but we highly suggest against using such free services. Not only because we don't make any money but more because you don't own your web site, hosting, content and are to the mercy of these free-mium service providers. Many times we have encountered free services that suddenly change their Terms of Services over night, changed their free pricing model to a paid one, and/or have ownership to your content. We want to make sure that you are the owner of your own hosting and your own Intellectual Property! In some instances we also saw that companies go out of business and then you are in the dark.

Don't depend on someone else. Own what you create.

What else can you do for me?

Let's connect and talk about what we have done in your industry, what we think can work for you and how we can make it happen. We really have done everything from basic web sites, to complex stores, newsletter and social media campaigns, brand creation and designed marketing materials for our clients. We work with you to make your ideas a reality and grow your business.

Wait, I am confused, I just need a website. How do I get a hold of you?

Just give us a call at +1 (773) 932-9531 or send us an E-Mail today!